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Trial  Days

Dates TBC 2021

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The Aim


Our trial days have been set up to provide a wider platform for players to showcase what they can do in front of people who can make a difference for you to achieve your dream within the football world. 

We will be approaching not only scouts but managers of non league football clubs and football agents. We feel that this will allow you as a player a lot more options. We feel that this gives you a higher chance of being spotted.

What you will get

  • 2 days in front of scouts, agents and managers.

  • 1 day training and a match day.

  • 2 free kits.

  • We will make our social media platforms available to you and upload any content you share with us.

  • We will build a portfolio for you that we will share with scouts, agents and managers before attending the trial.

To qualify

  • Age - 16-23

  • Both male and female

  • Provide 3 reference letters from managers, school teachers, coaches or any other relevant source

  • Non essential - Video (all video's will be uploaded to our social media pages with your  permission)

Age categories

  • Men - 16 - 18 

  • Women - 16 - 18

  • Men - 19 - 23

  • Women - 19 - 23


  • Agent, Manager, scouts - £20 per event

  • Players - £250


  • Players - Complete application form with 3 reference letters. You can register your interest below.

  • Agents, Manager, Scouts - You can register interest below. 

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